A Valuable Thank You for Recruiters

Recruiting is a unique field of work. Many recruiters find that the job can cause emotional and psychological draining because the demands of the job are constantly requiring that we exceed our goals and always go above and beyond. When we’re done with one thing, it is expected that we immediately start finding more candidates, fill other open positions and schedule more interviews. It is as if we’re never truly done. Quickly, the fault comes down on you, as the recruiter, when revenue is lost due to unfilled job vacancies. However, even if you do regularly fill positions, you hardly get the credit you believe you deserve. Like most of us, if you are a recruiter, you rarely get a public thank you for the hard work you put into your job despite carrying the stress of finding the perfect candidate for the client or company that you serve. While you may not receive a verbal “thank you” for all of the work you do, look for the many ways your hard work is recognized. Think about these things:
  • When you submit a candidate for review, does the hiring manager immediately set up an interview?
  • Does the candidate you have submitted get a second interview?
  • Does the hiring manager offer your candidate a job?
  • Does the candidate that you have submitted accept the job offer?
  • Has one of your candidates been promoted within the company?
  • Has your suggested job candidate been recognized as a top achiever within the company?
  • Has your training improved the quality of interaction between the candidates and hiring managers?
  • Have your time-to-fill metrics reduced since you began recruiting? ‘
These are ways in which your hard work is recognized by others. Although it’s not a verbal “thank you,” in some ways, this is much better. Hiring managers trust that you are submitting the best candidate and the candidates accept job offers and excel in their new positions.
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