Technology- A Recruiting Evolution

Like many industries across the world, the recruiting industry is constantly changing.  Years ago, people did not even use recruiters to fill open positions. Hiring managers would take out an ad in a newspaper and list an opening. This hiring tactic seems ancient in today’s day and age. The nature of recruiting and staffing has changed.

Thankfully, technology has us moving in a more efficient and exciting direction. Using technology to view data and analytics in real time has improved the quality and precision of our work. Along with the increase in efficiency, technology has allowed us to share ideas and learn from other recruiters online. As a professional community, we have reached some exciting changes to our roles.

Recruiting professionals have worked hard to prove their value, whether they are working in house or are an out-sourced recruiting firm. Time after time, we have provided perfect candidates for open roles and hiring managers have noticed. Now, we have emerged as more than just position-fillers. We assist in adding value to the companies and clients who hire us for our expertise. Because of our market knowledge and access to analytics, we are able to recognize talent in potential job candidates better than ever. We are no longer just used when talent is needed to fill a role.

We are better equipped to do more than find a candidate, set up an interview and fill a role in a one-and-done type of situation. Now we are able to provide our companies and clients with updates. Not only can we fill today’s need, but future needs as well. Working directly with hiring managers, recruiting professionals will be able to outline upcoming job openings within the company and begin finding candidates with more accuracy.

As our industry grows and adapts to technological advances, we will continue to increase our efficiency.

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