Recruiting and Keeping a Millennial Hire

The millennial generation has a bad reputation in the workforce. Just ask anyone in Human Resources. Millennials are quickly making up the largest demographic of the workforce despite the negative cloud that hovers over them.

Overall, millennials are stereotyped as lazy and entitled people and many companies are skeptical of hiring them. This younger generation has a stereotype of working with a company for a year or two, before leaving a company for one with better opportunity. They think only of themselves- their career and their personal growth. However, for every millennial that lives up to the negative stereotype is a hard-working go getter that you need on your team.

When hiring someone for a position at your company, your goal is to find the right person for the role- even if they’re from a different generation. To boost your success when hiring millennials, you must understand the way they think.

Learn what motivates your potential hires. Learn what makes them tick, what keeps them motivated and what they’re looking for in a company. This generation values company benefits, culture and values differently than others. By understanding what these millennials are looking for, you’re more capable of creating a position and environment where they can feel satisfied and reach their full potential with your organization.

Rather than just earning a bi-weekly paycheck, millennial hires want to continue building their skill set while growing both professionally and personally. If they feel as if they’ve peaked at your company, they will be more likely to move on to a different company. When hiring a millennial, highlight your leadership paths and opportunities for them to learn and grow on the job.

You don’t have to change your entire organization for one hire. Instead, change your typical hiring conversation. Promote what makes your company stand out and how they can grow with your company. Show them that your business is capable of providing for their needs and wants in the long run. Embrace the different things they’re looking for and you just might be the right fit for the perfect hire. Once they become a part of your organization, they’ll be happy and so will you.

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