Personalizing Human Resources

Surprisingly, job seekers still prefer the human touch. Rather than automated services, they prefer personal and live interactions with recruiters and potential employers. As it turns out, HR professionals need to put the “human” in human resources despite the surge in technology.

While job boards are great for finding potential jobs, many job seekers are uneasy about putting their personal and professional information on the internet. Although automated messages allow the candidate to learn that their application was received and reviewed, they would prefer to be personally contacted.

Human interaction is a crucial factor of the job search. As a human resources professional, use this opportunity to interact with your potential hires and build trust with your candidates. The potential hires want to feel as if the recruiter understands their needs and cares about their growth throughout his or her career.

By getting to know and understanding a job candidate on a personal level, the recruiter is better equipped to pick the right person for the position. Rather than only knowing what’s written on his or her resume, you learn their other skills such as interpersonal communication and leadership qualities.

How can you break through the digital world and interact with your potential hire? Start by making a personalized phone call and letting him or her know that you’re interested in them. Personal touches can demonstrate your interest in his or her career choice. Invite the candidate to meet up with you, allowing them to put a face to the company. After meeting face-to-face, send the candidate a handwritten thank-you note. Encourage them to follow up with you if they have any further questions and encourage them to stay in touch. All of these personal touches will leave the candidate feeling wanted and understood.

As HR professionals, we’re always trying to figure out to get the perfect candidate for the open positions. Turns out, we don’t need to look to technology to find and keep the ideal candidate. Instead, we should reach out to them on a personal level, learning more about their wants and needs. By building this trust, we’re better equipped to establish a positive relationship with potential candidates and fill them in their ideal positions.

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