Make a Lasting First Impression

Are you familiar with the term “elevator pitch”?  The idea behind this phrase is a sales pitch in a timely manner, in the amount of time it would take to ride an elevator to the top floor. Many prospective employees practice giving elevator pitches by quickly listing their best assets, qualifications and previous work experiences in the hopes of getting a chance to interview at the company. But employees are not the only ones who use elevator pitches to get a chance at what they want.

When first interacting with potential job candidates, many recruiters start spewing out benefits, brand status and more overwhelming information in an attempt to convince the prospects to join their company. Unlike the average elevator pitch, recruiters Orlando should not waste their first impression on these benefits and attributes.

If you miss the opportunity to utilize the first 30-seconds to your advantage, you may lose out on a great job candidate. By robotically listing off your company’s benefits, your pitch will look like any other run-of-the-mill recruiting approach. This will quickly decrease your competitive advantage against other similar companies.

As you know, the first impression is pivotal. Just as you are quick to learn about a candidate in a job interview, the prospect takes these first few seconds to come up with generalizations of you and the company. As the conversation continues, they spend the rest of the time determining whether or not their first impression of your company was correct.

The best way to ensure a positive first impression is to use a personalized elevator pitch for each candidate. By making it personal, they will assume you not only care about them as a person but also that you care about learning their personal values and needs.

Take your time to research the prospective job candidate in order to deliver a personalized elevator pitch. By knowing what they have done in the past and what they are currently working on, you are more prepared to dive into their future goals.

Try to find a connection between the information you have gathered about them to your company, whether it’s similar interests in charities or work in the same field. If you tailor your pitch to the candidate, you will be more likely to get the opportunity to schedule an interview and hire them onto your team.

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