Why you should hire someone who has been fired

Have you ever been fired from a job? If you have been fired, you understand how it feels. For those of you who have not been sent home from work with a box of your things, the feeling is hard to explain. You feel like a victim. It consumes you. You feel as if you have something to prove. As you begin filling out job applications and preparing for interviews, you want one thing- redemption. You’ll do anything you can to get the “fired” label to stop following you.

Recruiters and hiring managers, take note. There is nothing more motivating than redemption. This is why you should hire someone who has been fired from a previous position.

Here’s the thing. You want to find someone who has failed and understands that they never want to fail again. When they have a chip on their shoulder, they want to show everyone that they can do better- and they will work hard until they believe that they have proved just that.

Good people get fired everyday. Whatever the reason may be, we should not write them off. Unfortunately, people who have been fired get a bad reputation. We automatically assume that because someone was fired, they are a bad employee. That’s not always the case. Its time we give them the opportunity to redeem themselves.

The good people who have been fired set themselves apart from the bad ones. When you are interviewing someone with a chip on their shoulder, they speak of the redemption they seek. They want a chance to prove themselves once more. Rather than working hard to prove they were wronged, they want to work hard to prove to themselves that they are capable. Under new leadership at your company, they will prove their ability to succeed.

It is time to become more open minded. Not everyone who was fired is a bad employee.
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