Give Them the Candidate Experience They Deserve

Did you know many jobseekers report that they want to work for a company in which they shop? According to industry research, 75 percent of Millennials have applied to work for a company in which they are a loyal customer.

This can be detrimental to brand loyalty if the application process goes wrong. Nearly one-fourth of job candidates cut ties with a brand following a bad application and interview experience. Because of their poor experience, they feel as if they need to take their business elsewhere. This can cost your brand millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Every job candidate that interacts with your human resources department is getting a snapshot of your company’s internal make up. If what they see isn’t pretty, you’re not only losing out on a job candidate, but also a loyal customer.

It is important that your brand’s application, interviewing and hiring experience is top notch to avoid losing existing customers and jeopardize your brand’s reputation. To avoid this negative candidate and brand experience, it’s important to know what causes the hiring experience to go wrong.

Many job candidates feel as if their wants and needs have been ignored by companies. Nearly one-fifth of potential workers have even stated that they felt more valued by the receptionist than they did by the interviewer. They have also stated that they feel as if the interviewers do not care about their personal goals or aspirations.

In order to avoid losing job candidates as well as customers, take some of the following steps. First, understand your audience’s persona. By knowing the persona of your job candidate, you will be able to build a hiring experience custom to them. Down the road, you’ll be able to design job incentives and rewards for them if they accept the position.

Most importantly, make sure your job seekers feel important and heard throughout the hiring process. Even if they don’t get the job, they’ll be more likely to stay a loyal customer to your brand. For hiring in Orlando you can use recruitment services Orlando.

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