Can Connection Improve Your Company’s Performance?

Everyone desires to feel connected, especially in the workplace. Wanting to feel connected is a human need. When you sense that you belong to something bigger than yourself, you feel better. Feeling connected to your company could improve your work performance. This is why businesses should help employees feel connected to their brand.

When employees feel connected to the company, they identify as part of the brand and takes more ownership for the work they put into it. Connection is the key to feeling like a part of an organization’s community.

When you feel as if you belong to the organization’s community you will experience a sense of belonging. You are connected to the company and the people who work there. Soon the company’s mission and values become a part of your mission and personal values. When this happens, they are likely to perform better than they would otherwise. These employees will put in more effort to help achieve the organization’s goals. As their effort, quality of work, attention to small details and employee morale goes up, so will the profits.

So, how do you foster connection at your company?

Unfortunately, you cannot fake employee connection or speed it along. It is something that naturally happens. One way you can help it is to hire people who fit the company’s culture. If they naturally fit, they will be more likely to open up to other coworkers and begin to connect.

The feeling of connection comes after trust and relationships are built over time. First, employees have to feel a sense of belonging. When employees feel as if they belong to a company that shares their values, he or she will be more likely to feel as if they “fit”.

After sensing that they belong to the brand, they will work harder to produce positive outcomes. They have become a part of the organization. They feel as if it is a part of who they are.

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