Why You Aren’t Successful at a Career Fair

The last few semesters of college can be rather overwhelming. A student at the end of their college years must begin searching for the job they will take immediately after graduation. Many colleges and universities host career fairs on campus with the hopes of making the job search easier for their students. However, the career fairs are often overwhelming for these potential job candidates. There are booths representing hundreds of companies. Among the companies are recruiters who are eager to get these students’ information. Many students and other job seekers who attend the career fair often feel overwhelmed. From our experience at career fairs, Cinq Recruitment’s team has learned a few things. If you are planning on going to a career fair any time soon to represent your company, we would like to share some of the reasons students may be uneasy talking to you.
  • The students and job seekers do not always believe that you are telling them the truth. Sometimes they feel as if each booth they visit makes promises they cannot keep.
  • They feel as if they do not have enough experience. When they feel this way, they think that talking to you may be a waste of their time. In most cases, this is not true. As a recruiter, you will be able to look at their resume and see if their education and internships qualify them for positions at your company that need to be filled.
  • Many students and job seekers believe that the type of job they are looking for is not the kind that recruiters are looking to fill. A lot of people do not realize that there are recruiters for many different fields.
  • Some of the career fair attendees are motivated to find the job themselves- without any help from recruiters. This is especially true with Millennials. They approach the job hunt differently because they were raised in the digital age. They believe that with the help of the internet, they can do anything on their own.
If you go into a career fair, understand that not many job seekers are aware of what you do as a recruiter. Take the time to establish a relationship with them. Knowing their reservations, explain your role to your best ability. Do your best to find the best candidates while you are at the career fair. If you have any other questions about career fairs or recruiting, contact our Cinq Recruitment team.
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